Farmhouse La Morella

The farming area is at the agritourism’s disposal to be used for the production of organic products

At farmhouse La Morella, agriculture remains the main activity. Moreover, part of the farming area is at the agritourism’s disposal to be used for the production of a wide variety of organic products offered exclusively to our guests. There are indeed small productions supporting those which, on a larger scale, involve the rest of the farm activity.

Farmhouse La Morella

  • In our recently re-planted vineyards, we produce a great Aglianico, the most famous grape variety in the southern regions of Italy. It is vinified and aged with great care in French oak barrels placed in our cellars.
  • aromatic herbs, periodically cut and sold in branches, are meant to be used as dried, fresh vacuum-packed, or for nurseries . We produce a large quantity of sage and rosemary as well as a smaller quantity of lavender, thyme, oregano, marjoram, echinacea, mint, lemon balm, hyssop, and rue;
  • forage crops, such as corn and alfalfa;
  • cool-season vegetable crops, such as French beans, lettuce and cauliflower;
  • a part of the open field area is instead on rent.

The combination of both agricultural and tourist components can provide the highest valuation of quality and reliability of any agritourism experience. Unfortunately, as we well know, many of the so-called “agriturismi” in our regions turn out to be nothing more than out-of-town residences or restaurants.

Thus, we have as follows:

  • our vegetable garden that, partially in open field and partially in greenhouse, provides our restaurant with the widest variety of organic fresh and freshly harvested products: vegetables, lettuce, salads, herbs;
  • our oil, served at the table;
  • our little citrus groves for the production of orange marmalade, jams and limoncello, and fresh fruit juices (in due season);
  • our wine, which is responding to the increasing demand that goes beyond the on-farm consumption.

Further information can be found in the pages dedicated to our wine and the other products, or you can buy them directly from our online store at:

La Morella also plays an active role as educational farm for school trips, aiming at fostering communication between farmers and children of all ages.