Organic wine farm

The wines of farmhouse La Morella

Wine production is an old tradition in the farmhouse Agriturismo La Morella, as witnessed by the ancient cellar hosting today our wine-tasting events

La Morella is one of the many wine farms in the Salerno province, not far from famous tourist attractions as Pompeii, Paestum and Amalfi. Its the only wine farm in the territory of Battipaglia. The farmhouse Agriturismo La Morella performs today an organic red wine production of about 5.000 bottles a year. The two organic vineyards of the farm, having a total size of two hectares (about four acres), are located close to the farmhouse. There are many different ways to taste our wine: it is offered for sale in our farmshop and on our e-commerce site. It is served at our restaurant or in the cellar during our special wine-tasting events.


Vineyards and wines of farmhouse La Morella

Our vineyards have been planted according to the standard Guyot training system. A high planting density (5.000 plants per hectare) has been adopted to reduce the vigour and the production of each plant. The grape variety cultivated in the farm is called aglianico. This is the most typical and famous variety from the Regions of Campania and Basilicata. This vine originated in Greece and was brought to the south of Italy by the ancient Greek settlers of the south Italian coasts. The name “Aglianico” is believed to derive from the word “Ellenicum”, meaning “Greek” in Latin. As said by Denis Dubourdieu, oenology professor at the University of Bordeaux, Aglianico is “probably the grape with the longest consumer history of all”.

In order to complete our offer, we also produce a white wine from the grape variety “Falanghina”, using grapes produced in another farm.The most ambitious wine of our organic wine farm is called Ascolto. Grapes are typically harvested in early October. The must fermentation takes place in steel tuns for 16 days at a controlled temperature, typically followed by a 12 days maceration with the skins. After malolactic fermentation, the wine in transferred in French oak second-passage barriques and aged for 12 months. The wine is further aged in bottle for at least one year before being ready for the sale or for being served at our restaurant. The alcohol content ranges from 12.50% to 13.50% depending on the year. The certification of Ascolto as an organic wine is released by ICEA.

Three further wines from our organic wine farm, having an excellent value for price, complete our range of products: an organic red, a rosé and a white whine, called Morella Rosso, Morella Rosato and Morella Bianco, respectively.