Apartment Pesca – Farmhouse La Morella

Apartment in farmhouse Pesca

First floor apartment, with window in the living room and terrace in two rooms. Bathroom is accessible from the living room

The apartment in farmhouse Pesca is at first floor. It has got a window in the living room and a terrace in two rooms. The bathroom is accessible from the living room. The apartment is perfect for your family or two persons.

pillows, mattress and bed linen, bedcovers, clothes hangers, oilcloth table covers, broom, dust pan, bucket, floor cleaning cloth, 4-burner gas stove with oven, tv (no satellite signal), wireless Wi-Fi coverage (rooms, lobby and veranda)

gas lighter, can opener, bottle opener, coffee machine, colander, spoons, forks, knives, teaspoons, ladle, juicer, non-stick pan, various sizes of casserole dishes with lids, pans, soup plates, dinner plates, fruit dishes, salad bowls, wine glasses, milk mugs, pot holders, kitchen towels, coffe mugs, desserts plates, sugar bowl, tea pot, bread knife, scissor