Informations: On site, please contact our office to request information. To facilitate your orientation, we provide you with maps of the area, guides, indicators of all means of transport. We can, if you wish, put you in touch with tour guides that allow you to visit the most beautiful places in Campania. We can inform you about any type of special event that will take place in the region. It also offers booking and buying in real time of your tickets, such as moving visit to the ruins of Pompeii night and guided visit to Mount Vesuvius.
Guided tour of La Morella: We organize every Sunday morning, on request, guided tours of La Morella.
Products selling:  It is possible to by some products of pour Farmhouse depending on availability and season.
Free private beach:  It is possible to enjoy of a beach service consisting in a free access to a private beach far only 10 minutes from La Morella ( till a maximum of 3 weekly access).
Laundry:  A pay-per-use laundry service is available for all guests.
The price is 3,00 €
Toilette: Towels and bed linens are they always in all our housing options. In our apartments, the weekly linen change as it ensures that a change of towels mid week. It also ensures the daily room cleaning.
Phone: There are no public telephones. However, if you want to call, you can do it at our reception desk to a certain limit.
Free Internet Access:  A free internet access is available.
Digital terrestrial TV (satellite service is not yet available) In all the rooms, you can enjoy digital TV.
Print photos and documents: Ability to print photos from any storage media (CDs and memory cards of digital cameras). E ‘can also store your photos on a CD / DVD to release the memory card from the camera.
Sending Mail: If you do not want to waste time looking for the post office, you can exit the post office to send. We will ship the same day.
Fax service:  A pay-per-use fax service is available for all guests.