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COVID-19 – Information and updates for tourists

The provisions adopted by the Italian government to respond to the international health emergency establish the measures listed below, effective until the 14th of June 2020.


It is possible to travel from one Italian region to the other. In Campania region we have few new cases per day. Some times, zero cases per day.

Travelling to and from the following States is allowed: Member States of the European Union, States parties to the Schengen Agreement, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Andorra, Monaco.

Circulation restrictions for specific areas of the country can be restored at any time in the event of a worsening of the epidemiological situation.

Cruises by Italian flag passenger ships are suspended.

Measures applied on national territory

– The activities of accommodation facilities (hotels, bed&breakfast, etc.) are allowed, provided that the interpersonal safety distance of one metre is guaranteed in the common areas.

– The opening to the public of museums and other places of culture (libraries, archives, archaeological areas and parks, monumental complexes) is allowed. In all places of culture, contingent fruition methods must be guaranteed, or in any case such as to avoid gatherings of people and to allow visitors to respect the distance of at least one meter between one another

– The opening to the public of bars, pubs, restaurants, ice cream shops, pastry shops and the like is allowed. All premises open to the public must comply with guidelines and protocols identified by the autonomous regions and provinces to prevent or reduce the risk of contagion.

– The activities of beach resorts are allowed, in compliance with the guidelines and protocols identified by the autonomous regions and provinces to prevent or reduce the risk of contagion. Regional protocols and guidelines also cover access to free beaches.

– The opening to the public of all commercial activities is allowed, provided that the interpersonal distance of at least one metre is ensured. Customers will be able to enter the stores a fixed number at a time, and will be able to stay inside only for the time necessary to purchase the goods.

– From the 15th of June, shows in theatres, concert halls, cinemas and other outdoor spaces are allowed. The performances must be held with pre-assigned and spaced seats, and at the condition that the interpersonal distance of at least one meter is ensured for both the staff and the spectators, with the maximum number of 1000 spectators for outdoor shows and 200 people for performances or each individual hall in closed places.

– Access to parks, villas, playgrounds and public gardens is allowed. Outdoor recreational activities are allowed.

– It is allowed to do outdoor sports or physical activity, observing the distance of at least two meters for the sports activity and at least one meter for any other activity. Minors and non-self- sufficient persons can do sports or physical activity if they are accompanied.

– The opening to the public of public of gyms, swimming pools, sports centres and clubs is allowed, in compliance with the rules of social distancing and without any gathering.

– The activities of wellness centres, spas (with the exception of the provision of services falling within the essential levels of care), cultural centres and social centres are suspended.

– The opening of places of worship is conditioned by the adoption of organizational measures such as to avoid gathering of people, guaranteeing the possibility for visitors to observe the distance of at least one meter from one another. Religious services are allowed with the participation of persons, in compliance with the Protocols signed by the government and by the respective religious denominations referred to in attachments 1 to 7 to the Presidential Decree of the Council of Ministers of the 17th of May 2020.

Regions and autonomous provinces may anticipate or postpone the opening of different activities, taking into account their compatibility with the development of the contagion.


The Presidents of the regions decide on the planning of local public transport services (bus, metro, tram), to avoid overcrowding of the means of transport in the daily time slots with the greatest presence of passengers. The minister of infrastructure and transport, in agreement with the minister of health, may order reductions, suspensions or limitations in transport services, including international, automotive, rail, air, sea and inland waters transport.

Obligation to use masks

It is mandatory to wear masks in closed spaces, including means of transport, and in any situation where it’s not possible to guarantee the interpersonal safety distance. Children under six years of age and persons with forms of disability not compatible with the use of the mask are not subject to the obligation.

To get support and information it is possible to address the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its diplomatic network (embassies and consulates):

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