Cancellation policy of La Morella related to Covid-19 pandemic


Cancellation policy of La Morella related to Covid-19 pandemic

Frequently answered questions

In this very hard time for all of us, many customers are asking us information about cancellation policies and deposit reimbursement.

This page is intended to provide answers to most of the questions.

1 – Which is your cancellation policy for my reservation?

All our customer that booked directly with us received the cancellation conditions for their reservation together with our booking confirmation. They might be slightly different from the one that are published now and apply to new reservations

The customers that booked through online travel agencies, as, can find the conditions they choose on their booking account.


2 – Does the “force majeure” condition apply to my cancellation?

In case your journey at La Morella is made impossible, have the right to get the full deposit back. Presently (March 31) Hotel and Agriturismo activity is banned until April 14 by an ordinance by the Regione Campania. We expect the ban period will be extended further either by the Regione Campania or by our National Government. This is a force majeure condition.

Before claiming your money, please consider alternative solutions. If you are planning to visit us within 2021, you can choose to leave us the deposit. In exchange for your kindness, you earn the right to a discount on next journey at La Morella, if booked directly with us. If you opt for this option, you will have still time until the end of year 2020 to claim your deposit back. Please contact us if you are interested in this solution.


3 – I don’t feel comfortable in travelling in this period, or I don’t like the uncertainty, therefore I am thinking to cancel my reservation now.

For cancellation that are not due to objective impossibility, in principle, the usual cancellation policy applies. Nevertheless, we will try to meet your needs at best.

  1. In case you have the right to a full reimbursement of a half reimbursement now, and you want to take more time to decide, please write us an email. We will be pleased to “freeze” the state of your reservation for some extra weeks. For example, is your reserved stay starts in 65 days, and your reservation becomes partially non reimbursable 60 days before, we can leave you some extra weeks to take your decision by extending your free-cancellation period.
  2. In case you decided you don’t want to travel to La Morella anyway, and according to the cancellation policy of your reservation you lose your deposit or part of it, we will be pleased to keep the deposit still valid, and let you use it later this year or next year, for another journey with us.

Once more: in case your journey will become objectively impossible because the ban period for Agriturismo and Hotel activity will be extended until the date of your stay, case #2 above will apply and you will have the right to claim your full deposit back.